News about death of Mino Raiola, agent of Pogba, Haaland, and Zlatan turned FAKE

Rumors regarding the death of Italian agent Mino Raiola has been turned out to be fake. Raiola is one of the popular football agents of famous players like Pogba, Haaland, and Zlatan.

News about Mino Raiola dead turned out to be fake
News about Mino Raiola dead turned out to be fake Source: Getty Images

Is Mino Raiola dead?

No, football agent Mino Raiola is not dead, but, is currently on hospital battling his illness. Previously, various Italian reports, the famous agent Mino Raiola has passed away. And the news spreaded on the internet like fire.

And hour after the news, Mino came on his twitter and squashed all the rumors. He claimed that all the news were fake and they were trying to piss him off.

Previously, in January, he was taken to the hospital for surgery. Assumptions were made that, he was suffering from lung cancer for some time. But his spokesperson denied it and said he required just Anesthesia.

The spokesperson said,

“Mino Raiola is undergoing the usual medical examinations that require anesthesia. Everything was planned and there were no emergency surgeries.”

Who is Mino Raiola?

Mino Raiola, originally named as Carmine “Mino” Raiola is an Italy based football agent. Mino has represented famous players like Erling, Matthis De Ligt, Lukaku, and Pogba too.

Mino is categorized as the super-agent in the history of football along with Jorge Menges and Jonathan Barnett. Pogba’s agent is also known for taking large sums in his player’s transfer. Reports even claim that the agent received about £41 million in the deal involving Pogba. Paul Pogba transferred to Manchester United from Juventus in 2016.

And recently, the Italian super agent is also pushing a move of Haaland away from Dortmund. And he isasking more than £30 million just as a part of the deal.

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