Carlo Ancelotti replaces Zidane as a new Madrid boss

Carlo Ancelotti has been re-appointed as a new Madrid head coach. He signed a 3-year contract until 2024 confirmed by Fabrizio Romano.

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The Italian football manager Carlo Ancelotti has replaced Zidane just today. Zidane decided to leave Real Madrid a few days ago expressing frustration with Perez. He said:-” I am leaving Real Madrid because Real no longer has faith in me.

Since then, Ancelotti has been in advanced talks with Perez. Before coming to Madrid, he was managing English club, Everton.

Before him, Antonio Conte was the most possible replacement for Zidane according to sources.


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Ancelotti history with Real Madrid

Ancelotti managed Madrid between 2013 and 2015 giving them the UCL title after a long wait of 12 years. In addition, he won Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup glory that year. Following year, he was sacked because of not winning any major title. Later, he was replaced by Rafa Benitez.

Ancelotti overall as a coach

The current Real Madrid manager who replaced  Ancelotti is one of three managers who have won the Champions League title 3 times. He won twice with AC Milan (2002/02) and (2006/07) and once with Real Madrid(2013/14). Additionally, he has won EPL, Bundesliga, French league with Chelsea, Bayern Munich, and PSG respectively. Altogether, he has won 20 titles.

Some  crazy facts on Ancelotti

  1. Ancelotti is one of three managers who have won the Champions League title 3 times.
  2. As a manager, he has won more matches than losses in each club.
  3. He has 5 Champion League medals, 2 as a player and 3 as a manager.
  4. He managed Zidane in 1999-2000 at Juventus.

Welcome to one of the successful managers in Real Madrid. Carlo….



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