[Video] Footage of Hugo Lloris’s HORRIBLE Mistake against Newcastle goes VIRAL | STUNNING finish from Wilson

Tottenham’s goalkeeper Hugo Lloris made an absolute mistake against Newcastle United. The howler resulted in a goal against them as Newcastle took a lead in the 32 minutes of the game.

Hugo Lloris mistake vs Newcastle
Hugo Lloris mistake vs Newcastle

Lloris’s mistake resulted in a goal against them

Newcastle’s defender Fabian Schar made a through ball toward the opponent’s goalpost. Lloris came forward to clear the ball while Callum Wilson also went toward the ball. They both collided and Hugo fall down while Wilson stood up.

Callum got the ball as he shoot the ball from nearly the center of the ground and BAM!! he scored giving a lead for the in-form Newcastle.

Lloris’s stats are not good so far as he has already conceded 2 goals.

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