Jose Mourinho MOCKED Barcelona and Juventus for their RELEGATION to Europa League | Called ‘Champions League Failed Shark’

Jose Mourinho recently made the headling when he mocked two of the biggest club Barcelona and Juventus for failing to reach the knockout of the ongoing UEFA Champions League.

Jose Mourinho mocks Barca and Juve
Jose Mourinho mocks Barca and Juve

What did Mourinho say about Barca and Juve?

Undoubtedly, Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest managers of all time having managed some of the top clubs in the world including Real Madrid, Chelsea, InterMilan, and Manchester United. Currently, he is coaching the Italian club, Roma.

However, he is pretty famous for leading the Portuguese team FC Porto to the 2003-04 Champions League. I don’t think there are any coaches that have done it.

Barcelona and Juventus Situation | What are their chances of getting dropped to the Europa League?

After dropping a point against Inter Milan in the group stage match of the UCL, the chance of Barcelona getting kicked out of the Champions League is high possibility. They currently stand in a third of the table with 4 points While Inter is in second with 7 points.

Barca is yet to face notorious Bayern and Shakhtar Donetsk and has to win against both teams to have a chance to qualify for the Round of 16. However, it won’t be enough as Inter has to lose both matches.

The current situation of the Spanish club is very DIFFICULT, but not FULLY IMPOSSIBLE, however, Juventus is having a MUCH WORSE time. 2 days ago, they lost by 2-0 to Maccabi Haifa. They are currently standing in the third position with 3 points while Maccabi also has 3 points.

They have a very very little chance to get promoted to the Round of 16. They have to win both matches to secure 9 points ahead of Benfica. And furthermore, Benfica should not be winning any match so they get stuck with 8 points.

How Jose mocked his rivals club, Barca and Juventus

Jose frequently comes into the limelight for different reasons, whether that be his reactions in the game, openly criticizing players or even interviews. But no one can deny that he is HONEST but BRUTALLY SAVAGE.

This time, the Special One has hilariously mocked his former rival clubs, Barcelona and Inter Milan.

In an interview, he told,

“The failed sharks of the Champions League are going to arrive in the Europa League. They shouldn’t come but it’s the reality. It’s going to be fun. The failures of the Champions League.”

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