[Video] Journalist couldn’t Hold back his tears while interviewing Lionel Messi | Dreamed his entire life to interview Leo

A video of a journalist crying with happened while interviewing Lionel Messi has gone viral.

Journalist breaks down in tear after interviewing Messi
Journalist breaks down in tear after interviewing Messi

Journalist Crying During an Interview with Messi

We have seen several videos of fans giving it all to meet Lionel Messi, whether it be in the street or even ground. Who wouldn’t do that, meeting ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME?

A similar thing happened recently when a journalist got a chance to interview the Argentine footballer and he couldn’t hold back his tears.

An Argentine journalist named Pablo Giralt had to take an interview for the channel Directv Sports. Right after he started, the first thing he did was praise the PSG forward as he said,

“I’m a little kid, who dreamed my entire life of doing this, but I never thought I would be lucky enough to accompany you.”

He continued saying,

“This profession and my life have taken me down unimaginable paths. Yesterday I fulfilled a dream. I met the athlete I admire and love the most; the one I have most had to recount and enjoy. My professional path crossed -occasionally- with yours and honestly, I feel privileged.”

Seconds later, the journalist was seen crying in front of Messi as he couldn’t believe he was interviewing the 7 time Ballon d’Or. While Messi consoled the interviewer with a smile on his face.

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