[Video] New Footage of Japan’s Controversial Goal against Spain Shows VAR was 100% Right

A new HD photo and video of Japan’s controversial goal against Spain has been released which proves that the referee was 100% right to make that call.

Video of Japan’s Goal against Spain

This World Cup has been absolutely enthralling as many unexpected teams have beaten the best of the best. Previously, Saudi Arabia shocked and hugely favoured Messi and Argentina by 1-0 which resulted in them struggling to pass to the knockout stage.

Likewise, 2018 World Cup winner France was also stunned by Tunisia in the final match of each Groupstage.

A similar thing happened last night when Japan beat Spain to advance as the top team in the Group. Spanish striker Alvaro Morata scored the first goal of the match in the 11th minute.

However, hardworking Japan made a second-half comeback to make the final result. Ritsu Doan and Ao Tanaka’s goals in the 48th and 51st minutes were decisive to claim the final result.

beIN Sports Simulation settles the Japan vs Spain controversy

However, the second goal of Japan was extremely controversial. K Mitoma made a cross from the dead end of the line which was scored by Tanaka. Initially, the goal was not confirmed as the ball was in a crucial position. However, a minute of VAR review confirmed the goal by Tanaka as Japan beat Spain by 2-1.

Closeup View of Japan’s goal against Spain

The ball was merely touching the line when Mitoma made a cross towards Ao. Several fans and pundits posted a photo of the ball from different angles among which some showed the ball was in while some clearly showed the ball was not touching the line.

However, a new video of the goal has been revealed which proves Japan’s goal is legitimate and VAR was absolutely right to claim the goal which has been so much decisive.

With the goal, Japan advanced to the Round of 16 making the groups first while Spain remained second. In the other match, Germany managed to beat Costa Rica by 4-2. Despite the win, Germany has been knocked out of the tournament as Spain remained in the second position with a goal difference.

If Japan had not been allowed that goal, Germany would have been selected while Japan was confirmed to return home empty-handed.

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