Roman Abramovich poisoned along with Ukrainian negotiators

Trusted sources claim that the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been suspected of being poisoned along with other peace negotiators from Ukraine. The event happened in a meeting held in Kyiv, earlier this month as per reports.

Roman Abramovich poisoned
Roman Abramovich poisoned Source: Getty Images

Was Roman poisoned? And who were the other victims?

Multiple sources have confirmed that Abromovich has started showing the symptoms of poisoning. As per reports, Roman along with at least two other senior members of Ukraine including the Crimean Tatar lawmaker Rustem Umerov were the victims.

The suspected poisoned people started to show symptoms like red eyes, peeling skin on faces, as well as painful tearing.

Who poisoned Abromovich?

The poisoning is suspected to happen during the meeting between Ukraine and Russian peacemakers. Others than Ukraine’s members and Roman, there were Russian members too. So, it is suspected that the poisoning was done by their enemies. However, it has not been confirmed and no parties have taken responsibility for the action.

As per the near friend of Roman Abramovich, it has not been cleared who did the action and who the group targetted.

Ukrainian president Zelensky’s and Putin’s response to the poisoning?

As per the reports, Volodymyr Zelensky was also in the meeting when the event happened. But he has not been affected by the poisoning. Although Zelensky has not openly talked himself about the incident, the spokesman of the president said that, he has no information.

Zelensky, Roman Abramovich and Putin
Zelensky, Roman Abramovich and Putin Source: afp, REX ap

And, on the other side, the Russian side has not responded to the news. Neither Vladimir Putin nor his officials have sent any update about the poisoning of Roman and others.

What was Roman Abramovich doing?

Abramovich acted as a mediator between the two countries, Russia and Ukraine in war.

Before the meeting, he met the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin as well as Volodymyr Zelensky, a Ukrainian president. Also, he had various meetings with officials from the parliament of Ukraine.

What do you think about the poisoning of the businessman Roman Abramovich? Was it the Russian, Ukrainian or British government?

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