Hazard Injury History at Real Madrid-Worse than Dembele at Barca?

If you are following Eden Hazard for a long, you must be well aware of the SADDENING decline in his career and the main reason for that is his INJURY. Eden has a Terrible Injury history at Real Madrid which may be the cause of the end of his dream career at Real Madrid.

Eden Hazard injury history
Eden Hazard injury history
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Eden Hazard Injury History at Real Madrid and Chelsea

We all are well aware of his injuries at Real Madrid which is a tragedy. But don’t get surprised, if you hear the stats of his injury at Chelsea. Well. let’s have a brief look at Hazard’s injury throughout his career in both Chelsea and Real.

Injury Records at Real Madrid

If you are a Real Madrid fan then you might not like Eden’s stats in the club. Hazard’s number of injuries is almost 3 times the number of goals he has since joining Real Madrid. Since June of 2019/20 season, he has just 6 goals and 10 assists in 65 matches in all the competitions. While he already has 14 injuries during his time at Santiago Bernabeu and missed 68 matches, 3 games higher than he has played.

In March of 2022, it was announced that Madrid’s number 7 will be again out for 38 days. The first time he had an injury with the Whites was on August 16, 2019, missing 25 days and 3 goals till September 10, 2019. Most of his injuries are Muscle injuries, hamstring injuries, and Abdominal Influenza.

Eden Hazard injured at Real Madrid
Eden Hazard injured at Real Madrid
Source: Getty Images
S.NSeasonInjury TypeFrom – ToGames Missed
12019/20Hamstring Aug 16 – Sep 10, 20193
22019/20Bruised AnkleNov 27 – Dec 5, 20191
32019/20Hairline crack in the footDec 5 – Feb 10, 2019/202015
42019/20Fissure of the fibulaFeb 23 – May 9, 20203
52019/20KnockJun 29 – Jul 9, 20202
62020/21KnockSep 1 – Sep 28, 20202
72020/21Muscle InjurySep 30 – Oct 27, 20206
82020/21Muscle InjuryNov 28 – Dec 28, 20208
92020/21Muscle InjuryFeb 3 – Mar 12, 20217
102020/21Muscle InjuryMar 15 – Apr 22, 20218
112020/21KnockMay 21 – May 23, 20211
122021/22Hamstring InjuryJun 28 – Aug 12, 2021
132021/22Muscular ProblemsOct 8 – Oct 22, 20211
142021/22Abdominal InfluenzaNov 19 – Nov 30, 20213
152021/22Fissure of the fibulaMar 25 – May 2, 20227

Injury Records at Chelsea

Let me ask you a question, How many times do you think Hazard has had an injury at Chelsea?

Well, to your surprise, Hazard’s number of injuries at his former club is in double digits. He has been having injuries since his early career. But his injuries record at the Blues was almost negligible compared to the performance he put the day in day out for The Blues. And he did not miss many matches like he is doing at Madrid.

The Belgian footballer signed his official contract with Chelsea on June 4, 2012. Since then, he has had 14 injuries altogether in his 7 years at Stamford Bridge while missing just 21 games and 199 days.

The first time, he has an injury at Chelsea was on May 13, 2013, and missed 2 games in 17 days. And the last time, Hazard had an injury at the club was on April 20, 2019, but missed no games.

Eden Hazard injury at Chelsea
Eden Hazard injury at Chelsea Source: Getty Images
SNSeasonInjuryFrom -To Games Missed
12013/14Hamstring InjuryMay 13 – May 30, 20132
22015/16Minor KnockDec 15 – Dec 21, 2015 2
32015/16Minor KnockJan 4 – Jan 18, 20163
42015/16Hip ProblemsMar 10 – Apr 21, 20165
52015/16Abductor ProblemsJun 13 – Jun 13, 2016
62015/16Knee ProblemsJun 13 – Jun 13, 2016
72015/16Thumb InjuryJun 20 – Jun 20, 2016
82015/16Thigh ProblemsJun 27 – Jun 30, 2016
92016/17KnockDec 12 – Dec 15, 20161
102016/17Calf StrainMar 16 – Marc 30, 20171
112016/17Ankle SurgeryJun 5 – Aug 24, 20173
122018/19Thigh ProblemsOct 21 – Nov 2, 20183
132018/19Ankle InjuryNov 25 – Dec 1, 20181
142018/19KnockApr 20 – Apr 21, 2019

Hazard vs Dembele Injury? Who has a worse history?

The former Chelsea midfielder Hazard is not the only one who has been solely affected by Injuries. Barcelona’s winger Ousmane Dembele also has a Shocking record of Injury at his current club.

In his 5 years at the Catalan club, he has been injured 13 times and missed 104 games and 695 days due to Injury only. While Hazard has been injured 14 times missing 68 games and 468 days in just 3 years at Real Madrid.

Ousmane Dembele vs Eden Hazard Injury
Ousmane Dembele vs Eden Hazard Injury
Source: Getty Images

Similarly, the highest time, Dembele has missed in a single injury was 19 games because of Harmstring injury from February 4 to August 13 of 2020. And Hazard’s longest missed games is 15 games from December of 2019 to February of 2020, because of a Hairline crack in the foot.

Welcoming Hazard: Fans Expectations

Real Madrid welcomed the Belgian footballer in the 2019-20 season in a whooping sum of €100 million. It made him the second most expensive player after Gareth Bale(€101 million, 2013) in the history of Real Madrid.

Both club and the fans had higher expectations from the player considering his stats at Chelsea. He was one of, if not the key player, at Chelsea leading them to 2 Premier League, a FA Cup, 2 Europa League in his 7 years. And moreover, fans expected him to replace the big shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo.

But, all the assumptions of the club and the fans were just in vain as he has not been able to perform at his best. And the fans have been questioning who is at fault. If Hazard is just an above-average player who could not fill the shoes of former forward Cristiano Ronaldo or Real Madrid’s medical team failed to keep him fit and out of injury, or Fans expected more from the BELGIAN WIZARD.

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