13 injury in 5 years: Ousmane Dembele injury history

Besides the transfer fee of Ousmane, Dembele injury history at Barcelona is the highest number injuries any players ever had in 5 years.

The 5 times UCL winning team must have been fed up of Ousmane’s injury and that has been one of their reason for wanting to sell him this season

Dembele Injury history
Dembele Injury history
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Since Barcelona signed Dembele in the summer of the 2016/17 season, Ousmane Dembele Injury has been the major headache for the club. The player has missed more than 100 games in 5 years at the club.

Barca signed then 20-year-old young talent for a whopping amount of breaking their bank £97m plus £38m in add ons, but it all went south. He was the second most expensive player in the world after Neymar. But, it has been like putting water in sands as Dembele Injury record is nearly going to hit quintuple hattricks.

Dembele Injury History at Barcelona and Dortmund

Dembele Injury Record at Barcelona

Dembele’s injury history at Barcelona is very interesting as he has more missed games due to injury than he has made appearances for Barcelona. 

Ousmane Dembele injured at Barcelona
Ousmane Dembele injured at Barcelona
Source: reuters.com

As of January 27, 2022, Dembele has played 129 games for Barca, but he has missed 104 games due to injury. According to transfermarkt, The highest number of games Dembele has missed in a single injury is 20, which he missed from September 17, 2017, and January 1, 2018.

Similarly, he missed 19 games in 2020 due to Hamstring Injury. 

At the Spanish club Barcelona, Dembele has missed 695 days due to injury. That means, he has missed 1 year 9 months in his 5 years span at Barcelona. The 2015-16 INFP Ligue 1 Player of the Year has missed 191 days at once, which is the highest number of days in a single injury. It was because of Hamstring’s injury which was from February 4, 2020, to August 13, 2020.

SN SeasonInjury TypeFrom – ToGames Missed
12017/18HamstringSep 17 – Jan 1, 2017- 201820
22017/18Torn Muscle BundleJan 15 – Feb 10, 20187
32018/19AnkleJan 21 – Feb 8, 20195
42018/19Torn Muscle BundleMar 14 – Apr 9, 20194
52018/19HamstringMay 5 – June 16, 20194
62019/20HamstringAug 19 – Sep 22, 20195
72019/20MuscularSep 27, Sep 30, 20191
82019/20Torn Muscle BundleNov 28 – Feb 2, 2019 – 202013
92019/20HamstringFeb 4 – Aug 13, 202019
102020/21HamstringDec 6 – Dec 28, 20205
112020/21UnknownApril 21 – Apr 23, 20211
122021/22KneeJun 20 – Nov 1, 202114
132021/22HamstringNov 4 – Nov 22, 20212

Dembele Injury Record at Dortmund

Though Dembele has a long record of getting injured at Barcelona, he did not miss many games due to injury at Dortmund.

Only time Dembele Injury at Dortmund was in January of 2017. At that time he was out for 10 days from January 9 to January 19, 2017. At that time, he suffered from Problems in the hip flexor but that was not too serious.

During that span, he did not miss any games for Dortmund.

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