Ansu Fati Injury History – Worse than Dembele and Haazard?

There is no denying that Barcelona was having the lowest time after the Messi era and it seemed there is no coming back. But, a young player named Ansu Fati, who was just 17 at that time took the charge of the team and gave hope to the Catalan fans. Moreover, Barcelona too gave him the iconic jersey number 10 to the Spanish forward. However, there is one reason, Ansu could not escape and that has been keeping him out of the glory time recently. And that is INJURY.

Ansu Fati injury history
Ansu Fati injury history Source: AP

Ansu Fati Injury History at Barcelona and Spain

Despite having a great career for a 19-year-old player, Ansu’s injury history is not good. In the first 5 months of the 2021/22 season, he has already missed more than 20 games, Not a good sign. Let’s debunk his injury record.

Injury Records at FC Barcelona

After experiencing the injury records of the winger Dembele, the least thing FC Barcelona fans want is the same fate of their promising forward, Ansu Fati. Unfortunately, it is not in anyone’s control.

Till now, Fati has been injured 10 times in his 4 years at Barcelona missing almost 84 days. And in the 2021/22 season, he has already missed 35 games. That is 50% of the number of injuries he has missed throughout his career, in just one season.

Ansu Fati injury
Ansu Fati with leg injury
Source: REX

The last time, Ansu was injured was on March 29, 2021, when he missed 7 games in 31 days. And the first injury of the Spanish winger was in October of 2019 but did not miss any games. Most of his injuries are Knee Problems and Hamstring Injuries.

S.NSeasonInjury TypeFrom – ToGames Missed
12019/20Knee ProblemsSep 27 – Oct 5, 2019
22019/20Knee ProblemsDec 5 – Dec 9, 20191
32019/20KnockDec 19 – Dec 29, 20191
42020/21Bruised HeapSep 11 – Sep 18, 2020
52020/21Meniscal LacerationNov 8 – Sep 9, 2020, 202147
62021/22FitnessSep 10 – Sep 24, 20213
72021/22Knee ProblemsOct 27 – Nov 1, 20212
82021/22Hamstring InjuryNov 7 – Jan 11, 2021, 202211
92021/22Hamstring InjuryJan 21 – Mar 28, 202212
102021/22FitnessMarch 29 – Apr 29, 20227

Injury Records in Spain

Till now, there is no record of Fati missing any game for his nation due to injuries.

Ansu vs Dembele Injury

Barcelona’s Number 10, Ansu Fati and Number 7, Ousmane Dembele are two of the best rising footballers. Both are in their early 20 and both look promising stars. But, both the players have been severely affected by injuries.

Ansu Fati and Ousmane Dembele injury
Ansu Fati and Ousmane Dembele injury Source: Getty/Imago

Comparatively, Dembele has the worst injury record than Fati. Though their injury counts are similar as Fati has been injured 10 times in 4 years while Dembele has been injured 13 times in 5 years at Barcelona.

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