PSG distributes MONEY – Perez slammed PSG, says – Mbappe is Forgotten

Just after Real Madrid win their 14th Champions League title, president Florentino Perez came out and slammed Mbappe who refused to join the club. He also made some bold claims regarding the French club.

Florentino Pérez slams PSG and Mbappe
Florentino Pérez slams PSG and Mbappe
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What did Perez say about PSG?

Madrid’s president Florentino Perez was in the stadium to support the team. And expectedly Madrid came out victorious against Liverpool by 1-0 in the UEFA Champions League final. All the players, fans, and officials of Real were celebrating the victory, and of course Perez too.

Journalists found it the perfect moment to ask about Mbappe and the French club. The president utilized the moment to clear doubts on Mbappe’s future at Real Madrid. Also, he made some harsh talk about the financial situation of PSG and how they are ruining football.

Florentino openly spoke that, PSG was a state-backed club and they have high budgets. It is the only reason the French club has the biggest stars in their team.

“Being State backed clubs? Yes, they have the biggest budgets and that’s why they have the best players. In Madrid, we don’t distribute money. We distribute morals and values.”

So, indirectly, the Whites president said that Paris Saint Germain distributes money, which Real does not.

Florentino about Mbappe

Not only about the French club, but Florentino P also slammed Kylian Mbappe who did not join Real Madrid this season. The French forward was also interested in joining the Spanish club, and the union of Madrid and Mbappe was more close than ever. But, despite several offers from Real, Mbappe renewed his contract with his current club, PSG. Some fans think that Kylian used Madrid to make his contract better with PSG.

Florentino Pérez in a press conference
Florentino Pérez in a press conference
Image: Getty

So, it is sure that Perez was not happy with the PSG forward. Several players including Benzema, and Modric also felt that they were deceived and misled by Kylian.

Florentino also utilized the moment to clear out that, the failed signing of one player does not matter to a club as big as Real Madrid. He said,

“Mbappe is FORGOTTEN. A thing of the past. Nothing has happened. Real Madrid had a perfect season.” He also added, “Mbappe does not exist tonight, only Real Madrid’s party.”

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