Top 10 Best World Cup matches | Uruguay Vs Brazil a National tragedy

Which are the best World Cup Matches you have ever enjoyed since you started watching them? Was your favorite team involved in it or do you remember any unforgettable moments of your team in the World Cup?

Best World Cup matches
Best World Cup matches

Best World Cup matches List

FIFA World Cup is the biggest level football tournament played every four years. Till now, there have been 21 World Cups held and 900 matches played since the start of the tournament in 1930.

Not every team gets a chance to play in the World Cup and create moments that will strike the fans even after 100 years. There have been several astonishing matches that have amazed followers around the world.

In this article, we will take you through the top 10 greatest matches played ever in tournament history.

10. West Germany 3 -2 Hungary | 1954, Final

9. Belgium 3-2 Japan | 2018, Round of 16

8. France 4-3 Argentina | 2018, Round of 16

7. Netherlands 5-1 Spain | 2014, Group stage

6. Romania 3-2 Argentina | 1994, Round of 16

5. Brazil 1-7 Germany | 2014, Semi-Final

No doubt, Brazil is the most successful team in the history of the World Cup. They have made an appearance in every World Cup since its start and in fact, won the trophy more times than any other team.

But in recent times, their WC moments are not going great. In 2018, they were beaten by Belgium by a 2-1 score in the quarter-finals. But it is a good match considering the scoreline against the then number 1 ranking of FIFA.


The Worst match every Brazil fan does not want to remember was in the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup. They were brutally thrashed by Germany with a final scoreline of 1-7. And that too, in front of thousands of home fans.

Brazil started the match with a great spirit as they showed against Colombia in the Quarterfinals. But it did not last for long as Germany started hammering with goals. Not even 30 minutes have passed, they were already down by 5-0. 2 goals from Kroos and one goal each by Thomas Muller, Miroslav Klose and Sami Khedira.

After halftime, Andre Schurrle added another two goals before Oscar scored a soothing goal in the 90th minute.

The scene after the final whistle was even crueler as Brazilian players were seen praying while German celebrates on the other side.

One of the best matches of Germany || Records

Several records were broken and made in the match. It was the match Klose got past before Brazillian Ronaldo to be the highest goal scorer in the history of the World Cup. And this was the first match with 8 or more goals in the World Cup after the match of Germany vs Saudi Arabia in 2002.

To add salt to the wound, the Netherlands also beat them by 3-0 in the Third Place play-off.


4. Portugal 5 -3 North Korea | 1966, Quarter Finals

Undoubtedly one of the best matches of Eusebio, Portugal’s match against North Korea in the Quarterfinals of the 1966 World Cup is one of the unforgettable football matches in history.

North Korea was a team to fear as they proved it by beating Italy on the group stage. And they showed their tough mentality at the start of the match. In just 1 minute, Pak Seung-Zin scored an amazing goal to give them the lead. And inside the 25 minutes, they have already tripled the lead.

Everything was going well for Korea until Eusebio revealed his true face. He scored 4 goals for Portugal inside 61 minutes and turned the scoreline singlehandedly. And Augusto added another in the 80th minute to confirm the victory as Portugal go past South Korea.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest matches of the World Cup and also one of the best comebacks made in Football history.

3. West Germany 4-3 Italy | 1970, Semi-Final

West Germany Vs Italy in the semifinal of the 1970 World Cup is one of the most enjoyable football matches ever happened. Undeniably, it was named the Game of the Century as five of the goals were scored in an extra time. The game also held the record for  FIFA games with the most goals scored in an extra time.

Italian forward Boninsegna scored an early goal in the 8th minute and the game was scoreless after that. But in the 92nd minute, out of nowhere, Schnellinhger scored an equalizer to kill the dream of the Italian to win the match without effort in the extra time.

Then it was when the drama started in the Estadio Azteca stadium in front of 102,000 + fans.


In the 94th minute, German striker Gerd Muller scored to give them the lead for the first time in the match. Just after 4 minutes, Burgnich made the level as Riva scored another to give Italy a 3-2 lead. Then in the 110th minute, Muller equalized the scoreline before Rivera scored the final goal in the 11th minute.

Pretty much show at the extra time, Right! That’s why the game is on our list of one of the most dramatic soccer matches in World Cup history.

2. National Tragedy: Uruguay 2 – 1 Brazil || 1950, Final

If a match has the caliber to be considered as a ‘National Tragedy’, then Brazil vs Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup is the one. The loss at the Maracana stadium is even regarded as the greatest upsets in the history of football or for Brazillian to be precise. And the heavily doubted Underdog Uruguay had the pride to walk with the trophy in front of more than 100,000 rival fans.

Though the rivalry seems to slow in recent times, the rivalry between Brazil and Uruguay was at its peak during the 1950s.

Back in the time, there was a different format totally different how it is played recently. Like group stage in today’s format, Brazil had to just avid a defeat while Uruguay had to win the match to win the trophy.

Brazil was the favorite to win the trophy and was already celebrating. Brail had prepared a special song named “Brazil the Winners” and local people has already started celebrating the victory even before the match started. And 200,000 supporters of both teams were present, mostly for the Brazilian side as Brazil hosted the tournament.

But when the final whistle blew, their preparation had all gone in vain. The final scoreline was 2-1 for Uruguay. Though Brazil took lead from the goal of Friaca in the 47th minute, ut Uruguay outscored them where Schiaffino and Ghiggia scored in the 66th and 79th minute.

As per the report, two Brazil fans even committed suicide in the stadium. And the following days, most local bars were closed in the street of Rio de Janeiro. And moreover, the match was exactly when Pele saw his father crying after a loss.

The loss is still remembered as the Maracana Tragedy that still hurts Brazil fans.

1. France 3-3 West Germany | 1982, Semi-Final

With a bit of thrill and a bit of controversy, the West Germany game against France is one of the memorable World Cup matches. The game ended with a dramatic penalty after four goals were scored in the extra time. Before that, a pretty controversial event happened.

German keeper Schumacher hit the French defender Battiston causing him with 3 cracked ribs, 2 missing teeth and damaged vertebrae. But to the surprise, no foul was given.

In the 27th minute, Platini scored a penalty goal to cancel out the German’s lead with a goal of Littbarski. Till the 90 minutes, the goal was drawn but the real drama started in an extra time. Treson and Griesse scored for the French side while Rummenigge and Fischer scored for the German side, which led the match to the penalty.

Ultimately, W. Germany won the match after Six and Bossis missed a penalty from the French national.

Though Platini’s team lost the match, he described it as the “Most Beautiful Game”.

This is our list of the most interesting football matches in the World Cup. This is just a portion of the matches we could find. So, Please mention if we miss anything.

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