[Video] Footage of Oliver Kahn’s HILARIOUS reaction to Bayern meeting Barcelona once again goes VIRAL

Oliver Khan couldn’t control his laugh after Bayern Munich drew against Barcelona in the Champions League draw in Istanbul, Turkey.

Oliver Kahn laughing in UCL draw vs Barcelona
Oliver Kahn laughing in the UCL draw vs Barcelona

How did Kahn react to UCL Draw?

The UEFA Champions League Draw was held in Istanbul, Turkey on August 25. All 32 teams were divided into 8 groups. Among all the group’s Group C is considered to be the Group of Death. It includes the German Champions – Bayern Munich, 2020/21 Serie A winner, Inter Milan and Spanish giants Barcelona under Xavier Hernandez. And another team is the Czech club, Viktoria Plzen.

However, the most talking point from the event was the reaction of Bayern’s CEO, Oliver Kahn when he found out that his club will again face Barcelona. He could not hold back his laugh as the camera focuses on Bayern’s CEO. Maybe it reminded the former goalkeeper, of a meeting in the Quarter finals when they humiliated the Spanish Giants.

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