Harry Maguire TIME UP at Manchester United as they found his replacement?

Various sources claim that Harry Maguire’s time on Manchester United has been finished as they are planning to sell him in this summer transfer window. And United has already sealed a deal with the perfect replacement of Maguire.

Harry Maguire leaving Manchester United
Harry Maguire leaving Manchester United
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What happened between United and Maguire?

The English club Manchester signed Harry Maguire from Leicester with a record fee of £80 million in 2019. The fee was the most expensive defender even surpassing the then highest fee Liverpool paid for Virgil Van Dijk. So, obviously, the club and the fans had higher expectations from the defender. Furthermore, United even made him the club captain replacing former captain Ashley Young.

So, obviously, the club and the fans had high expectations from the defender. But unfortunately, the signing has been disastrous as he has been failing to display at the higher level.

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Criticism from clubs, fans, and ex-United Legends

Since then the player has faced several criticisms from fans. Let alone be the fans, the former United defender Rio Ferdinand also criticized Harry.

In an interview, Ferdinand openly criticized the defender and called him not able to play under Ralf. He said,

“Is Maguire gonna enable you to win the league, that’s the question as well. Because the thing about someone life Ralf and all the top teams now, when they play you, they play on the front foot and are aggressive and wanna win the ball high.

He stated, all the other best teams like Liverpool, Bayern Munich and City can do extremely well in one v one and two v one situations. But in the case of United, Maguire can’t do that very well. He said,

“Liverpool does it tremendously well, City do it really, really well as well, Bayern [Munich] do it; three of the best teams on the planet. Everyone’s going that way of playing football, Ralf Rangnick’s style of football is like that.” He also added, Can Maguire do that, can you do that with Maguire? That’s my problem, that’s my issue.”

And according to Gevemesports, Harry is the least rated player in United by the fans. As the United captain was rated just 2.8 out of 10 while the highest-rated player is David DeGea rated 7.7/10. Similarly, Ronaldo is rated 6.8 and their new signing Jadon Sancho was rated 6.6.

Clearly, United is not happy with the performance of the English defender Harry Maguire despite the fee and huge wage of nearly 10 million per year, or, let’s say not meeting the expectations.

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Who is the Replacement of Maguire?

It is clear, Manchester United is not satisfied with the player and is counting on the replacement of Harry Maguire. And they have already started to find the defender who can fit in their system.

The huge term agreed between United and Akanji?

As per sources, United has already closed a deal with the Swiss defender Manuel Akanji. Akanji is currently playing at the German club Borussia Dortmund and is leaving the current club in this transfer window.

The detail of the contract signed between Manuel and The Red Devils has not been disclosed yet. But it has been estimated that Man U offered the Swiss defender a £260,000 per week.

Is Antonio Rudiger joining United?

The Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger is also set to leave Chelsea this summer and has been linked to other clubs like Juventus. And United is also the option for Rudiger as Man United is also looking for world-class players like him.

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