[2023] Most followed football club on Instagram

Most followed football club on Instagram is not the topic fans normally discuss compared with the number of followers individual has gotten on their social media. Cristiano Ronaldo – the most followed individual on Insta, is racking up follower after follower and even made headlines when he crossed the milestone of 500 million followers recently on November.

But what about the club? Which club has the most followers? The debate on this topic has been among fans in the real world. Previously, the decision was probably made by fans present in the stadium. But now, social media has changed the scenario.

Most Followed Football Clubs on Instagram
Most Followed Football Clubs on Instagram

Every top club in the world is making its presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. And their die heart fans won’t miss the chance to follow them. But who leads the list of the clubs with followers on the popular platform – Insta?

We also have the list of football players that are most followed on Instagram.

List of the most followed football club on Instagram

RankClubTotal Instagram Followers
1Real Madrid128 million +
2Barcelona114 million +
3Paris Saint Germain64 million +
4Manchester United60.7 million +
5Juventus55.8 million +
6Liverpool41 million +
7Chelsea36.6 million +
8Manchester City36.5 million +
9Bayern Munich35.2 million +
10Arsenal23.7 million +

Clubs with the most followers on Instagram in 2023

Football Devils present you with the list of the top European clubs that have more fans than any other team in the world.

10. Arsenal

Arsenal, the name may be less relevant among today’s competitive teams, but it is a club with a great history. The last time they won the EPL title was in 2003/04, and the closest they got to the title was in 2015/16 when they stood in the second position. The Gunners are still struggling since their long-time coach, Arsene Wenger, left in 2018.

Despite the downfall in recent times, it has tons of loyal fans that are not giving up on their favorites yet.  Arsenal still stands in the 10th position all over and 4th in the EPL among the club having the most followers.

However, their growth in followers has been pretty low in recent years. And their followers in Ig have just increased by 1 million in 2023.

Id:- Instagram@arsenal
Followers: 23.7 million +
Following: 203
Posts: 14,912

Emirates Stadium Arsenal
Emirates Stadium – Arsenal
Source: arsenal.com

9. Bayern Munich

There is no team in the world that does not fear facing Bayern Munich in any competition. If you don’t believe it, ask Arsenal fans. Jokes aside, Bayern is the most successful club in the German league as well as one of the best football clubs in the world. They are 30 times German champion as well as three times Champions League winner.

They are a team with a great history better present, and they are not stopping there any time. No doubt, they have a massive fan following, including on social media platforms like Instagram. They are the only German team to be on the list of these elite clubs.

Id:- Instagram@fcbayern
Followers: 35.2 million +
Following: 60
Posts: 16,752

bayern munich logo on kit
Bayern Munich Logo
Source: Visionhaus

8. Manchester City

In recent times, Manchester City has been one of the best clubs that is dominating the English league. While their influence on the Champions League is not so good, as they have reached just one final in the competition. But they have dominated the EPL in the last ten years. From 2010 to now, they have won 5 league titles, including three titles in 4 seasons.

With the rise of dominance in English football, their fans have also increased massively in recent times. They are the 8th club to have more followers on IG.

Id:- Instagram@mancity
Followers: 36.5 million +
Following: 291
Posts: 19,809

etihad stadium manchester city logo
Etihad Stadium-Manchester City

7. Chelsea

The only club that has the capability to break the dominance of Pep Guardiola’s City is Chelsea FC. The club has enjoyed massive success after the arrival of Thomas Tuchel. He brought the most out of the fresh players Frank Lampard had signed.

The Blues ended the season by being crowned the UEFA Champions League after beating their English rival Man City. The Pensioners also finished the 2020/21 season, securing a position in the top four.

Id:- Instagram@chelseafc
Followers: 36.6 million +
Following: 138
Posts: 16,646

Stamford Bridge Chelsea logo
Stamford Bridge – Chelsea
Source: chelseafc.com

6. Liverpool

Though Liverpool is on the top 3 list of the most Champions League won by any club. But they were not having a great time until the signing of Jurgen Klopp in 2015. Jurgen Klopp made some biggest signings forming a core team.

And their effort didn’t go waste as they finally won the league title in the 2018/19 season after 30 years of the void with the second position in the UCL title. The following season, the Reds won the UCL. With the recent success, their fan following on Ig has increased even more.

Id:- Instagram@liverpoolfc
Followers: 41 million +
Following: 247
Posts: 21,497

anfield liverpool logo
Anfield – Liverpool
Source: Liverpool FC

5. Juventus

No doubt, Juventus is one of the best clubs in Italy, along with Inter and AC Milan. But their records were not that good in terms of their fans on social media. But that was until they signed Ronaldo in 2018. The stats of the followers of Juventus massively changed after that.

Their followers were just a million before they signed the Portuguese star. But it increased by five times after the signing of the five times Ballon d’Or. As per the source, their followers on Instagram decreased by 330,000 followers after the farewell of Ronaldo.

But one thing is for sure. Though the reason Juve signed Ronaldo was a failed attempt, it certainly crossed the expectation of their social media numbers.

Id:- Instagram@juventus
Followers: 55.8 million +
Following: 74
Posts: 13,261

juventus logo on kit
Kit with Juventus Logo
Source: Juventus FC

4. Manchester United

Like Juventus, Ronaldo had also made a huge impact in the follower list of his current club Machester United, proving himself as the best influencer on Instagram

The number of followers of the English side increased by 2.5 million followers in just 12 hours of the signing. Before the signing, it was just 2.7 million, but that skyrocketed since then and has crossed more than 55 million followers. Besides Ronaldo’s influence, Man U has its own history and has a huge fan base around the world.

Id:- Instagram@manchesterunited
Followers: 60.7 million +
Following: 141
Posts: 23,983

Old Trafford Man United Logo
Old Trafford – Man United
Source: Twitter @HannahCDesigns

3. Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain is the French most followed football club on Instagram French club and among the top 3 soccer clubs in the whole world.

The club is full of stars like Lionel Messi, Ramos, Mbappe, Neymar, and others. With the signing of former Barca star Messi and Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos, the club’s Instagram followers have increased significantly.

A few years back, they merely had 50 million fans on social media which is not the case today. Undoubtedly, the French club is creating a dominating force today.

Id:- Instagram@psg
Followers: 64 million +
Following: 100
Posts: 10,589

Le Parc des Princes Stadium PSG logo
Le Parc des Princes Stadium – PSG
Source: en.psg.fr

2. Barcelona

FC Barcelona, the only club that won the treble twice in the 200-09 and 2014-15 seasons, is one of the highly followed clubs in the world. The club dominated world football between 2008 and 2015 and earned millions of fans around the world.

Having elite players like Lionel Messi, Xavi, Neymar, Suarez, etc., most of their followers increased during that era. The same goes for their social media platforms like Instagram. It is the second club in the world that has the highest number of followers on IG in 2023.

Even after their star player Argentine Lionel Messi left the club, the club still dominates the Ig world. They have almost double the number of followers compared to PSG, which is number 3 on the list.

Id:- Instagram@fcbarcelona
Followers: 114 million +
Following: 82
Posts: 17,663

Camp Nou renamed Camp Nou Spotify
Camp Nou was renamed Camp Nou Spotify
Source: https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/

1. Real Madrid

Undoubtedly, the Spanish champions Real Madrid leads the list of the most successful club on Instagram with more than 110 million followers. The only club that has won the Club of the century and won UCL consecutively three times is Real Madrid. Real Madrid is the most followed football club on Instagram, having more than 110 million followers on their Id @realmadrid

The club had some of the top players like Zidane, Casillas, Raul, Beckham, Alfredo Di Stefano, Ramos, and many others. But the one name that must not be forgotten to boost their Insta followers is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Along with the history and top players, CR7 is one of the main factors that increased Real’s followers on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 403 million followers on his Instagram account, making him the person or footballer that has the highest number of followers on Insta.

Id:- Instagram@realmadrid
Followers: 128 million +
Following: 46
Posts: 7,616

Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid Logo
Santiago Bernabéu – Real Madrid

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