[Leaked] Ronaldo FIFA 23 rating | First player to have 90+ rating for 15 years

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to be one of the highest-rated footballers in FIFA 23. And the rating would definitely make him the first player in the history of FIFA to be rated 90 and more for 15 years.

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA record for 90+ rating
Cristiano Ronaldo’s FIFA record for 90+ rating

Cristiano’s FIFA record

As FIFA 23 is set to be released in September of 2022, few records are set to be broken. It is a high possibility that the French forward Kylian Mbappe become the top-rated footballer in this series.

But what about the two Greatest footballers of the generation, Messi and Ronaldo?

Though these players are less influential than before, no one can ignore their dominance in football history. The same is replicated in one of the most famous soccer games, FIFA 23.

And, it is not surprising, that these stars still dominated the FIFA games. As per sources, Ronaldo is set to have a 90 rating in the upcoming FIFA 23, a slight degrade from his rating in 2022. Cristiano was rated 91 in 2022 while it is predicted to be 90 in the upcoming FIFA. With the rating, Ronaldo will be the first player to be rated for 15 years.

Cristiano’s FIFA Rating throughout the years

Cristiano has a variety of ratings throughout his career in football. The first time, CR7 was rated 90+ for the first time was in FIFA 2006 which was 91.

Let’s have a lookout at Cristiano’s rating on FIFA from 2006 till now.

FIFA 2006 – 91
FIFA 2007 – 87
FIFA 2008 – 91
FIFA 2009 – 91
FIFA 2010 – 89
FIFA 2011 – 89
FIFA 2012 – 92
FIFA 2013 – 92
FIFA 2014 – 92
FIFA 2015 – 93
FIFA 2016 – 94
FIFA 2017 – 94
FIFA 2018 – 94
FIFA 2019 – 94
FIFA 2020 – 93
FIFA 2021 – 92
FIFA 2022 -91 and now finally
FIFA 2023 – 90(Predicted)

So, what do you think about Cristiano’s decreased rating in FIFA 23? Does he deserve better or less?

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